you need to make a success of your event's tickets sales
    System of industrial strength built for Professionals
  • + Available in 12 different languages
    + Online & Offline Solutions
    + Ability to handle seated and non-seated events with or without seating chart
    + Online, Offline, Desktop & Mobile Scanning
    + Standalone adapted interfaces for both ticket buyers and event organizers (admin)
  • You knocked at the right door!
    So you need to securely sell without any stress 100,000+ tickets within the next hour or so? That's a job for us.
    Our Ticketing Platform is running on high availability redundant servers of industrial strength using
    PayServices.com PCI-DSS Level 1 robust infrastructure capable of handling
    millions of transactions using banking level security and availability

Discover the Power of the Cloud

We use the Cloud's Best Features & Power in order to deliver
you the most Efficient, Scalable & Reliable Tickets Sales Tools


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We constantly improve our offering and we always try to use the latest cutting edge technologies
in order to offer our customers the best experience that they deserve

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Some of our Best Features

Doesn't matter if you are having a small or much bigger attendance
We focus on Professionals, however a customer is a customer and our commitment is total
We use the Cloud's Full Power to deliver the Best Experience

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Let's talk! We're headquartered in Luxembourg, but have agents across the globe

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The OneTelecom Ticketing platform is the result of a Strategic Alliance
between One Telecom SA, ProtecSign Corporation and PayServices, Inc.